A selection of the logos and symbols designed throughout my career in design. From top to bottom:

- Performance Benchmarking featuring a peregrine falcon (left); Wildlife Tourism (right);

- Branding for Carindale Shopping Centre and its precincts;

- A company providing GPS technology, Ultimate Positioning features the arc of 3 satellites that are central to the product offering (left); rebranding and repositioning for Adcorp that retained the existing logotype and added a new symbol and tagline (right);

- Sapphicon are producers of semiconductors for computing technology;

- A stylized italicized "i" depicts the dynamic exchange of information for Impart Corporation who were early movers in online training (left); tv character produced for a branding campaign for a network television station (right);

- Turning over a new leaf and new beginnings were the basis of the concept for Genesis Wealth Advisers (left); the stylized opening and closing of doors form the initials for Hunter Johnson, a property leasing company (middle); a subtle idea to show kinetic movement in a sophisticated logotype design of a sub-brand for an investment company (right);

- Design of a retail brand for marketing group representing news agents (sellers of predominately newspapers, magazines, greeting cards and stationery) in Australia (left); symbol design for an environmental awareness organization (middle); Seafood Services provide information to a wide audience from commercial fisheries and fish farmers to the general public. The symbol is a fish on a plate, but also a hand, to depict the serving up of information (right).